The Mythical Creatures List

mythical - something that has not yet been deemed as true by western scientists but despite this a significantly large group of people currently or in the past have believed this being to have actually existed.*

creature - 1. any living being of the animal kingdom (or with traits similar to animals). This includes, mammals (except humans), fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, molluscs
and insects.
2. 'spirits' - beings who do not possess a body or an ethereal (ghost-like) body.
3. any human being that is part animal or has the ability to transform into an animal.*


*The above is a definition for mythical creatures used only within this website and may differ from other definitions

All mythical creatures are described as per reports and each one is respected in their own right. Whether the being truly exists or whether it is a figment of one's imagination is for visitors to decide.

Key | Index Each mythical creature has been neatly categorised in terms of their culture, various attributes and behaviour as well as special labeling of common types of mythical creatures such as Fairies, Dragons, Werewolves and Vampires.
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Latest Updates

    Massive Creature updates Since re releasing the website early this year many mythical creatures have been updated with more details and peculiar stories surrounding them. There has been around 250+ creatures updated.

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