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  • Celtic Celtic (culture)
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  • Haunting Haunting (behaviour)

A land and sea creature from Cornwall, England that resembles a Hobgoblin although generally they were invisible known only by their actions.

It was common tradition to leave bits of food out for the Bucca to eat such as fish or bread. In particular some Bucca would associate themselves with fishermen who gave them fish or crop farmers who gave them they bread that they made. This would help satiate the evil intentions of the creatures. However when angry the Bucca would create violent storm and ghastly winds near the bay of Newlyn. But with happy and regarded greatly with fish it would create calm weather and help fisherman catch a good amount fish.

In Wales the Bucca is called the Bwca (Bwciod - plural). Here like the Brownie of Scotland and Puck of Wales, the Bwca lives with a certain family ion a farm and helps with the crops. He would be rewarded with a bowl of food that would be left out at night for the creature to take. There was once a family who had a beautiful and very attractive maid. the man of the house Trwyn became very friendly with the lady. One night he let her give the offering to the farm's Bwca. However for some reason instead of leaving food out she filled the Bwca's bowl with stale urine that was normally used for dyeing wool. She then retired to her room and slept.

She woke up hardly being able to breath - the Bwca had sat upon her and gripped her throat tightly filled with rage. It then dragged her around house, she kicking and screaming all the way. The men of the house came running from the lofts but since the Bwca was invisble they didn't know what was going on. The Bwca then saw the men and fled - it never worked for the Trwyn farm again.

Later the Bucca became more of a monster and was used in stories to scare children much like the Boogey man. Others say that Bucca is the Knockers and Knackers of the tin mines.

There are many Cornish dialect names for the creature such as Bucca Boo, Bucca Dhu and Bucca Gwidden.

Bucca may be similar to Puck, Pukis, Pwca and Buggane.

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