Also known as Bunyee Bunyee, King Pratie, Tantabah.

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  • Aboriginal Aboriginal (culture)
  • Aquatic Aquatic (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

A walrus-like creature that has a horse’s tail. It is a dark hairy creature with long arms and huge claws on his hands. Living in a lake, billabong, or creek it defends its home by eating people at night and crying out as a warning to men that it lives near by. The Bunyip will kill anything that enters its domain. Even the young are said to be highly dangerous. The Bunyip will capture children by howling and then sending a great flood around it‘s habitat. Any adult who touches this water will be turned into a black swan. The flood is so vast that it covers houses and hills. The babies of a flooded village will be left floating on top for the Bunyip to capture and devour.

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