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A Daemon should not be confused with the word Demon. Whereas in popular culture Demons are horn headed creatures from hell, the Daemon is a far more friendly and ancient mythical creatures. Daemons are essentially the various nature spirits and Nymphs from ancient mythology. The name denotes more benign spirits of the middle world.

Later during the rise of Christianity the word was later used to make belief in spirits and other non-christian holy beings to be evil creatures from Hell.

The name Daemon in turn derives from the Greek ‘daimon’ meaning ‘divine power’. Originally the Demons where celestial beings capable of helping others as well as causing harm. Some had benign dispositions whilst others were cruel. These spirits, the Daemons were sometimes blamed for mysterious illness caused and misfortune. Daemons are sometimes seen as spirit guides or guardian spirits.

Some Daemons (from Greek mythology) include:

  • Daemonae: who are female Daimones or sprits. They include various female personifications such as Strife and Luck. They also include Nymphs.

  • Daemones: who are spirits of the air, earth, sea and underworld.

  • Agathi Daemones: who are good spirits that protect and bless people.

  • Daemones Argyrean: who are men born during the silver age. They became immortal as underground spirits. They are responsible for fertility on the earth.

  • Cacodaemon: who are hurtful spirits from the jar of Pandora and brought plague to the people of this world.

  • Daemones Chrysean: who are men of the golden age. They became immortals with a population of 30,000. They are earth dwelling spirits who watch over and protect people

  • Daemones Chthonian: underworld spirits.

  • Daemones Georgici: Agricultural and farming spirits.

  • Daemones Halian: spirits of the Sea.

  • Daemones Nomian: Countryside, wilderness and rural spirits.

  • Daemones Uranian: spirits of the sky.

  • Daemones Proseous: haunting spirits of the caves by the sea.

  • EudaemonThis was a collective name for the good and happy spirits from ancient Greece. The word Eu means good or benevolent. Eudaemons were seen as heroes that were higher than humans but lower than gods. They were the opposite of Cacodaemons.

There as Deamons from other types of beliefs such as the Yaksha and Kami.

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