Also known as Longma

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The Dragon-horse is a type of Dragon that had the forelegs of a horse instead of lizard-like arms. The Dragon-Horse acted as a messenger to the gods travelling between Heaven and Earth. The Dragon-horse was a symbol of balance.

The Dragon-Horse is also known as Longma combining the two words 'long' meaning Dragon and 'ma' meaning horse. It was spotted in 741 C.E. by Taiping Yulan. He said that it had the body of a horse with blue and red scales and the mane of a dragon. It made the sound of a beautiful flute and could cover 300 miles. It was born from an ordinary horse who drank from the same river that it bathed in. The horse was born and grew up in water and thus grew scales.

The Longma was described by Kong Anguo's Shujing commentary (11th century):

“A dragon horse is the vital spirit of Heaven and Earth. As a being its shape consists of a horse's body, yet it has dragon scales. Therefore it is called 'dragon horse'. Its height is eight ch'ih five ts'un. A true dragon horse has wings at its sides and walks upon the water without sinking. If a holy man is on the throne it comes out of the midst of the Ming river, carrying a map on its back.”

( Visser 1913:58)

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