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There are many fairies that appear all over the world in folklore. They have different natures and forms but they all have some traits in common; they are small, numerous in number and are guardians of nature. Most are shy and are rarely seen by man. People tend to give offerings to the fairies such as the first food you have produced or grown (except meat). Fairies will accept these offerings and be benevolent to humans. The word ‘fairy’ comes from the Latin ‘fatum’ meaning ‘fate’. This is because the early fairies would preside over the new born people of this world and either predict their fate or give them gifts that they would need in life.

In Britain, the fairies were said to originate from heaven when Lucifer burst open the celestial gates and descended down to Earth with the Demons. When this happened, heavenly creatures fell to Earth too. God closed the gate and stated that those fallen to Earth should remain there. These creatures became the fairies. In Britain the fairies have their own tribes and like bees, they are ruled by a powerful Queen. They can be vicious and are extremely territorial. The fairies of other European countries are said to have similar natures such as the Befana from Italy and the Percht from Germany.

In ancient Greece, the fairies take the form of Nymphs and Dryads who guard different areas of nature and attend the gods in their activities. They are more like elemental spirits. Some count the Satyr’s as fairies as their natures are similar. In India, the fairies are the Vidyesvaras who take the form of goat-men like the Satyr of Greek myth.

In other mythologies of the Pacific, Malaysia, African and South America, the fairies are shy nature spirits that usually are able to help Wizards in their magic and can be friendly to humans.

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