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  • European European (culture)
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  • Troublesome Troublesome (behaviour)

This is a word used to describe ugly evil sand spirits such as Boggarts, Bogies, Boggles and Ghouls. According to English legend they were about knee high with grey beards and hair. The European version is a little friendlier and like a Brownie they help with household tasks. To get rid of one, it is advised to spread the floor with flax seeds. The Goblin will attempt to pick them all up but will fail to do this before dawn and hide away since they only come out at night. After a few attempts the Goblin will tire of this and leave. Goblins were believed to have been born from the rocks of the Spanish mountains. The word goblin derives from the Greek kobaloi which means ‘evil spirit’ and this changed to the Latin cobalus, to the French gobeline to the English ‘Goblin’.

More recently the Goblin has evolved to live in societies and wear more ragged clothes. They still have pointed ears and scraggy hair. However this is an elaboration based on the fantasy creatures created by J.R.R. Tolkien who based them on the European myth.

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