Golden Dragon

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A golden-coloured Dragon from Epidaurus in Greece who is a symbol of Aescaulapius the god of medicine.

This Dragon was benevolent to human beings and lived in harmony among them. Sometimes it came down to earth in the form of a yellowish brown snake. These yellow brown snakes were large in size and easy to tame. They tended to live in temples at Epidaurus.

Rev GW Cox states:

“"...throughout Hellas, Asklepios remained the healer and restorer of life, and accordingly the serpent is everywhere his special emblem ... the symbol of the Phallos in its physical characteristics suggested the form of the serpent, which thus became the emblem of life and healing, and such appears by the side of the Hellenic Asklepios, and in the brazen crucified serpent venerated by the Jewish people until it was destroyed by Hezekiah".”

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