Hawk of Achill

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The Hawk of Achill is an ancient bird of Ireland that is said to be one of the oldest creatures of this world. Some say it has lived for over 5,000 years. The Hawk of Achill has the property to live a long time and remember everything over the course of history. It was more skilled and stronger than any other bird. It could be heard in the distance with a mighty scream calling for another creature to challenge it in a fight. The Hawk of Achill was also a messenger between various realms. It is said that the bird flies high so it can see the bigger picture in things. On a journey the Hawk may cry out to warn of near danger and call out for you to take courage and rise above your problems.

The Hawk of Achill also features in a 14th century play called The Colloquy between Fintan and the Hawk of Achill. In this play a hero named Fintan is on a quest for knowledge and stumbles upon the Hawk of Achill. They exchange stories of their adventures in their quest for knowledge.

The Hawk of Achill is found on the label of the bottles of Jameson's Irish Whisky where the illustration depicts the tale of the bird.

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