Also known as Hildesuin, Battleswine

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  • Norse Norse (culture)
  • Flying Flying (attribute)
  • Celestial Celestial (attribute)
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Hildisvini is a huge boar of the heavens form Norse belief. His name translates as ‘Battle Swine’ and was the mount for the goddess of the hunt, Freyja. Like most boars in Norse myth, Hildisvini was ferocious and battle ready. When Freyja was not riding her cat-drawn chariot she would ride on Hildisvini. Some believe that Hildisvini is actually Otta, Freyja’s lover in disguise.

Swedish Kings as a sign of unstoppable progress used the emblem of Hildisvini. An image of Hildisvini was crafted onto a magical helmet of the same name. This helmet ws fortuitous and helped protect he bearer. However Alis, the Swedish King who first possessed the helmet was very unfortunate and died on the Battle on the Ice of Lake Vanern The helmet was then captured and worn by the new Swedish King Adils.

See Gullinborsti.

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