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Hrimfaxi was the magical horse from Norse myth that was black in colour and was powerful in strength. According to some legends, Hrimfaxi drew the chariot of the sun led by the charioteer Freyr. It brought day to a close before the night set in. The other horses that drew the chariot are Skinfaxi, Arvak, and Alsvid.

In other Norse legends, Hrimfaxi drew the chariot of Nott, known as ‘The Daughter of the Night’. Hrimfaxi was famous for having a great mane which produced water. As he flew in the sky at night, water fell from his mane which descended on all the plants and grass of the earth creating the morning dew. Indeed his name translates to ‘Frost mane’ or ‘Rimed mane’ (‘hrim’ meaning frost and ‘faxi’ meaning mane). His counterpart is Skinfaxi whose name means ‘Shining mane’).

There was a poem once written about Hrimfaxi which says:

“Hrim-faxi is the sable steed,
From the east who brings the night,
Fraught with the showering joys of love:
As he champs the foamy bit,
Drops of dew are scattered round
To adorn the vales of earth.”

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