Also known as Iormungandr

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  • Norse Norse (culture)
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  • Sea Serpents Sea Serpents (common type)

Jormungandr is the ancient name for the terrifying and colossal Midgard Serpent.

Jormungandr was the cosmic and deadly serpent of Norse mythology that was one of the children of the trickster god Loki and the Giantess Angrboda. Its siblings were the haunting goddess Hel and the fierce Fenrir wolf. Jormungadr was so large that it surrounded the earth with its head touching its tail.

When the serpent was born the gods were horrified with its appearance and thus they cast the juvenile serpent into the ocean. They thought they had saved humanity from a fearsome monster. Little did they know that the Jormungadnr lived on and grew to a huge size. Its rejection made a it resent others and harbour a hatred to the gods.

Many a time did heroic people encounter this fearsome creature. One tale tells of how Thor entered into a fishing match with a giant named Hymir. The one who caught the biggest fish would win. Hymir caught two whales but Thor used heads of two bulls to catch something bigger. He attracted the Midgard serpent whose head rose above the water. The giant Hymir cut the fishing line and the two escaped and ate whale meat together. An alternative ending tells of how Hymir was so scared that he jumped off the boat and drowned in the water.

After all fights and tales are over, the Jormungandr was to make its final strike at Ragnarok. When the Giants of the world rose up and Loki betrayed the gods, a war broke out that would devastate the gods. In this epic battle, Jormungandr burst from the depths of the ocean and and struck Thor. The great god Thor took his mighty hammer and struck left and right to kill the serpent beast. But although Thor slew the monster, in the end Jormungandr had struck a fatal blow and both god and beast fell dead in battle.

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