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  • European European (culture)
  • Aquatic Aquatic (attribute)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Seductive Seductive (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)
  • Merfolk Merfolk (common type)

A Mermaid or sometimes a water Nymph of German legend. Lorelei was once a girl who fell deeply in love with a man. One day she found out that her lover had been unfaithful to her. She sunk into a deep suicidal depression and could not stand to live life any longer, so she threw herself into a fast flowing river. Although she had expected to end her life, she was instead transformed into a Mermaid (or in some versions a water Nymph).

Since then her lonely but sweet sounding singing voice can be heard from the Rhine River, near St. Goar. She has since been seen by sailors sitting on an echoing rock with that name near Sankt Goarshausen. Sightings and tales report seeing Lorelei sitting on the rock and combing her long hair. Her singing is so beautiful and captivating that sailors sail their boats towards her. But if anyone is to get too close, Lorelei would grab them and drag them to the depths of the ocean never to be seen again.

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