Rou Shou

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Rou Shou is a Chinese Dragon that with his friend Gou Mang. Rou Shou ascends to the sky god Tai Yi to receive messages. He lives in the western skies and is associated with Autumn. he brings about messages of doom and disaster. Gou Mang is associated with spring and lives in the eastern skies. Typically Rou Shou and Gou Mang are depicted together. They are types of T'ien-Lung Dragons which literally translates as Heavenly Dragons.

Some saw Rou Shou as the god of punishment and would punish those who had done wrong in the past. Whereas people worshiped Gou Mang, thy avoided Rou Shou in a hope to avoid disaster. In contrast some developed compassion for the Dragon and believed that the Dragon had a difficult job and unfair duty. His names means ’plenteous harvest’ and it should be remembered that the Autumn can also bring about good as well as the bad.

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