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The Shinigami are the death gods from Japanese folklore. THey invited people towards death by inducing a feeling of wanting to die.

A Shinigami is mainly responsible for ensuring that a person dies at his or her destined time, and then leading that person to the underworld.The Shinigami does not kill that person but is merely there to help guide them to the Underworld. Like most spirits associated with death, Shinigami have a reputation for being dark and malicious. It is also believed that they are only visible to people when their time is nearly up.

The first mention of the Shinigami can be found in Shinchuu Nimai Soushi, (1706) by Hoei who wrote about a man and a woman who wanted to comit suicide together. In the text the women says:

“the fleetingness of a life lured by a shinigami.”

Soe interept the word Shinigami to mean the Lord of Death, some say that it is a word for double suicide and others say that it means the feeling of life being so fleeting.

There are some types of mythical creatures, gods and spirits considered to be Shinigami such as the Mrty-mara, the Mara of death in Buddhist belief, Yogacara, the Demon that predict the deaths of people, Yama a personification of death, the Oni and the Inzami.

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