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The Tokoloshe is the size of a baboon, black, with long arms and walks with a gait. It once lived in the rivers of Transvaal but has been seen in the city of Johannesburg. It has the ability to turn invisible. The Xhosa people of South Africa tell a story of the Tokoloshe that murdered many people. One day a woman was collecting firewood and water from a river when the Tokoloshe jumped out. Frightened, she ran away but the creature kept up with her. She ran into her house and tried to bolt the door but the creature was too fast, and pushed his way in. The creature with is great agility, jumped on her back and raped her. The husband came home at this time to see his wife sobbing. Out of rage he took his weapon, a spear and thrust his spear towards the creature. Tokoloshe jumped out of the way a flew across the room at great speed. The man’s spear tore through his wife who fell and died in a pool of blood. The husband stood in horror and at that moment the Tokoloshe came from behind and strangled him. Many women were raped and killed, and rich men were murdered with their money stolen all of which it was believed to be the works of the Tokoloshe.

Originally the Tokoloshe was a harmless fairy who was fond of children. Its name Tokoloshe comes from the two words ‘Tokolo’ meaning happy or friendly and &lquo;she’ meaning leader, king or father. It derived from the beliefs of the Nguni people. When Christian missionaries arrived in Africa they demonised the Tokoloshe, calling it a dangerous animal and renamed the creature to Tikoloshe.

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