Trojan Dragons

Also known as Drakones Troiades

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  • Greek Greek (culture)
  • Aquatic Aquatic (attribute)
  • Reptilian Reptilian (attribute)
  • Celestial Celestial (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)
  • Sea Serpents Sea Serpents (common type)

Two colossal Sea Serpents of Greek myth that were summoned from the depths of the sea by the goddess Athena. She ordered them to kill the Trojan seer called Laokoon. Laokoon tried to warn his people about the wooden horse and the trap that it lay. The Trojan Dragons burst through the doors of a temple where Laokoon was hiding. The serpents entwined the children of Laokoon who came to their rescue. Both the children then their father were quickly dispatched.

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