Also known as Trows, Drows.

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There are many variations of the Troll from Norse mythology. The name is Norse for monster. Danish trolls have large noses, are extremely ugly and wear a craftsman's apron with a red cap and a white long beard. In Ebletoft Trolls had humps on their backs and hooked noses wearing grey jackets and a red cap. In Gudmanstap Trolls differed by being tall in size and wearing black clothes. In Norway there are said to also be ugly but are also hairy. There is a Norwegian female version of the Troll, which is a beautiful redheaded lady. In Swedish and Danish myth they are more like the Brownie.

Generally Trolls lived in communities under hills in long barrows and ancient earthworks. These homes were places of great splendour with vast amounts of treasure. Some folklore stories tell of Trolls having tails and in art this is considered to be an addition added in by the artists. Sometimes Trolls looked exactly like humans and were said to be more beautiful and handsome than some humans. Some of these good looking Trolls had a tail or hairy feet which was the telling factor that this was no human. If you politely told them about their feet or tail, you would be rewarded. If however you were rude or shocked by this fact then the Troll would make you pay for your rude manner. Some say that the only way to tell a Troll apart from humans was their unchristian behaviour such as walking away from Church on a Sunday.

Some Trolls were very rich an possessed much treasure. Usually they would leave their treasure outside of their cave to be aired and put a snake or a bull to guard their treasure. Trolls lived in a mirror like world where objects became their opposite in the Troll world. What was considered dirt to us was treasure for the Trolls. As such if a Troll were to give you what you perceived as a worthless item, the item would later transform into gold or a diamond.

In the Middle Ages they are fiends that wield black magic. Trolls steal possessions, women and children. They hate noise and can be driven out by church bells. One can also protect themselves from Trolls by a branch of mistletoe. This was used to stop children and animals from being taken. They are cannibalistic and are excellent at creating metals and creating magic out of herbs. They turn into stone if the light hits them and so Trolls only come out from dusk to dawn to cause trouble and steal from people.

On the Orkney Island the Trolls are called Drows or Trows and there are three types: Land, Sea and Peerie. There are also the Norse Bergfolk, the Borbytibgarna from the forests and mountains of northern Europe, the devious Fine, the Henkies of Scotland, the peculiar Mara and Huld and Sjotroll.

In Norway they talk about small trolls that come out at night and turn into beautiful stones. In mythology Drows are another name for Trolls but the name has recently been used in Dungeons and Dragons and other modern day fantasy worlds to denote a dark elf. However Dark Elves are a part of Norse mythology and are correctly known as Svartalfar.

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