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A water spirit from Europe who would be invoked when casting spells.

They were mentioned first by the mystical philosopher Paracelsus (1493 - 1541). He wrote that all water derived from the Undine spirit who principally had the form of a human but could take the shape of fish or snakes. Their skin was soft and cold - much like a slug and they were very unreliable creatures. They have a leader called Necksa or called Hicks according to Elephas Levi, the occultist.

There was once a couple in a village whose baby disappeared. Days later their baby mysteriously appeared on their doorstep. Thinking nothing of it they took their baby in. The child grew into a very beautiful green eyed girl who was both loving and fickle in nature. She fell in love with a man named Hidlebrand who after sometime got married. Their marriage went well at first but soon Hidlebrand found himself in love with another woman called Bertalda. Their love grew very strong until Hidlebrand decided to leave his wife to marry Bertalda. When he made his mind up to marry her he found that his first wife had left him - she had gone back to the see to be back with the Merfolk that first cared for her when she was a baby. Hidlebrand then married Bertald. On their wedding day, Hidlebrand went to the well to draw some water for the celebration. Upon looking in the well he saw his first wife who rose up and took his soul into the well leaving his lifeless body nearby.

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