Also known as Wiendigo

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  • North American North American (culture)
  • Humanoid Humanoid (attribute)
  • Forest Dweller Forest Dweller (attribute)
  • Deadly Deadly (behaviour)

The Wendigo is a creature of North America that has a different appearance depending on the tribe. The Ojibwa believe that it is an Ogre. Parents would tell tales about the Wendigo to their children to frighten them and teach them to be safe. It is said that with every person the Wendigo eats it becomes even stronger. They live in the tree lines of Canada and appear during the Winter time. It is beleived they may have been travellers who once lost their way.

The Canadians believe that the Wendigo is a monster with the body of a crocodile but with hoofed feet or the feet of a bear. No one had seen the feet of this creature, but once spotted and chased, people found that it left footprints indicating that it had hoofed feet or the feet or on some accounts bear's feet. This creature reside in Berens Lake in Ontario Canada where it was reported to have done some considerable damage to fishing nets of the community.

The most popular notion of the Wendigo is the spirit of a lost hunter from the myths of the Aconquin Indians. The Aconquin Indians say that once a hunter became lost but slowly transformed into a cannibalistic monster. Some who have turned in to a Wendigo but still has some sanity a bout themselves, will choose to end their own life so that they do not kill anyone else. In the 1700s and explorer called David Thompson witnessed a trial of a Wendigo. On a trip through the Lake of the Woods, one of the members of the party became possessed to eat his own sister and was willing to do anything to eat human flesh. Upon hearing this a council was gathered and they decided that for everyone's safety it would be best if this Wendigo-man was executed. The Wendigo-man accepted this and was executed by hanging by his own father. His body was then later burnt. It is believed that the Wendigo is actually a psychological condition whereby a person during winter time who has been without food will become possessed with the idea of eating other humans. It usually occurs when they are asleep. People afflicted with such a desire are being treated in hospital.

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